Not-so-great vegetarian plating

Okay, so you want to make some nifty vegetarian dishes. I don’t know that I’d say “its all the rage.” But more people are interested in a plant-based existence, and that opens up a whole different challenge in plating.

How do you make a meal really ‘pop’ on the plate, if there’s no central piece of meat in the dish, as there often HAS been for many of us? Well what I’m showing here isn’t the best way to go about it.

First, let me say that if you want to make your dishes look delicious, you should immediately get a set of blindingly white service dishes of different sizes. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash at Sur La Table or Restoration Hardware, or some place like that. There are plenty of nice white dishes you can find at Target and/or Walmart.

Yeah, yeah, don’t get excited. Remember my first post? It said we’re not doing fancy just for the sake of fancy. Remember, your plates shouldn’t detract from the dishes. Think of your plates as a canvas that you’re “painting” on with your food.

This dish here, while fairly colorful, isn’t in a dish that makes it ‘pop.’ The pic at the top of this blog is a vegetarian dish, and I’ll upload that pic in a couple of minutes and walk you through the plating. It wasn’t hard, and took less than 3 minutes to assemble, once the food was done cooking.

Talk to you soon!



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