Thanksgiving at the Hacienda

Thanksgiving dinner for 2…..yes, there were tons of leftovers!  🙂

This was a lot of food we made this past Thanksgiving! My sweet baby and I were looking to make the meal as beautiful as it was delicious.  The more we spend time in the kitchen together, the more we are finding that the key to making any meal visually engaging is to keep the plate, and what’s on it, simple.

That’s the point of this on-going adventure.  We will look at various dishes across the spectrum: Meat, vegetables, sides, soups, desserts, breakfast, etc.  I’ll demonstrate examples of both badly plated dishes and fantastic plates, in an effort to show you how to “Plate Great!”

Don’t worry, we’ll also include interesting subcategories like pure vegetarian dishes, athletic-centric dishes (eg “Paleo” Friendly), Vegan, and holiday-friendly food.  You’ll see some common mistakes made in taking unattractive plates filled with really good food to the table and some incredibly well done plates of good food that totally make the meal “pop.”

What we WON’T be doing is showing food that’s fancy for the sake of being fancy.  Everything you’ll see here is easy to cook, and easy to plate.  As we go on, I’ll share my philosophy on plating simply and beautifully.

Starting on a holiday dedicated to food and family is an excellent way to start sharing our enjoyment of well plated food.  All of that food you see above was made from scratch, including the little place settings.  Those would be the candy turkeys you see in the upper left side of the pic.   I’ll show you a close up pic of those another time.

Have a great day!



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