One FINE Panna Cotta

Big Jones Chicago is the supplier of a beautifully plated Panna Cotta dessert today.  They’re also good enough to provide a recipe as you go down the page.

It’s so good, I’m likely going to revisit this page as I build up the blog to house a dessert, lunch, dinner, and other related pages in addition to the main blog page.

The dessert features a fruit called the “paw paw.”  I’m not exactly sure what it is, other than the author described it as highly perishable, which limits how long the fruit is available during the year.  My guess is that this dessert would work wonderfully with any other brightly colored jam or preserve.  You’re really just looking for something that would contrast nicely with the creamy white color of the Panna Cotta.

I like their recipe included on the page.  As strange as this sounds, there is a way to make it more palatable to vegetarians, at least those willing to indulge in cream (I’m talking to YOU, Wisconsin ‘vegetarians’ who do cheese, milk, & butter).  You can substitute Agar for gelatin, in just about a 1:1 manner. The texture difference, in my experience, is that Agar sets up a little firmer than gelatin, which for this dessert, means you can leave it out of the fridge a little longer, if needed.

If you have ramekins or martini glasses, you can definitely pour the Panna Cotta mixture in different containers to give your dessert some added ‘oomph.’  So you have 3 different ways now to plate Panna Cotta so that it is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds!

Someone remind me to post a pic of Panna Cotta in those two containers so you can see what I’m talking about.

Since this week is typically ‘leftover’ week for most of us in the US, I’ll do a special plating in the next few days showing you that leftovers don’t have to be boring sandwiches alone.

Now, go have yourself a great Monday!



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