My Leftover day!

It's turkey and stuff!

It’s turkey and stuff

This was my ‘leftovers’ plate from Thanksgiving.  It was last night’s dinner, and the only mistake was going to work out about 90 minutes after I ate.  But that’s another story!

Nothing fancy, and since I overdid it on the stuffing and bread on Thanksgiving itself, I decided to go bread/stuffing-free.  So what you have is a nice layout of turkey, cornered with some of the homemade creamed corn and mashed potatoes, with a little of the cranberry/orange goodies.

I did very little other than reheat it.  But I tell you, just a small amount of effort makes the food more appealing than if you ate just a sandwich.  The only change I might have made is plate the turkey slices a little closer together, in order to not entirely fill up the plate.

Sometimes, we fill up the plate to bursting, and it can take away from the presentation.  In the case of the turkey, the slices were fairly thin, so although it is spread out quite a bit on the plate, it’s not a ton of food.

What it was, was tasty!  I recommend you do something similar. Nothing says the plate has to be boring, right?  🙂



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