Go Beyond The Plate for great Carbonara!


Hi everyone!

Today, I found a great looking plate of pasta carbonara.  Thanks to Danielle Tsi over at “Beyond The Plate” for the image.  As usual, if you clink the title of this blog post, it’ll link right over to her blog that features the recipe.  I liked her post and image, because it does two key things:  Focuses on making a (typically) indulgent meal, a little healthier.  Second, her post stresses the importance of finding time to make good meals at home, despite the challenges that life tends to throw our way. I can get behind that sentiment on any day!

Spaghetti is one of those dishes that can easily get out of control on a plate.  The temptation is to drain it, slop it into a bowl, throw the rest of the toppings on it  (eg some type of sauce), and be done with it.  Danielle makes it look easy, because it IS easy.

Her plate is a single-serve bowl of pasta, but could become a family sized serving in a larger bowl.  You can use salad tongs, a large serving fork, or even a dinner fork to start making these individual portioned sizes ready for combining into a family sized plate.

Her process was as easy as twirling a fork (serving, or dinner sized) around a bit of pasta, and then moving it from one plate to another. If you have a large serving bowl, this will look beautiful as a grouping of small stacks of deliciously plated pasta.

You’ll notice Danielle garnishes with chopped parsley and cheese, which are both great options.  The thing I want to point out about her recipe is that it isn’t the carbonara you’ll find in Italian chain restaurants (looking at you, Macaroni Grill, Carrabba’s, Olive Garden, etc). There’s nothing wrong with their recipes, because they’re ridiculously indulgent.  But note how there’s no heavy cream or massive amounts of butter in the recipe Danielle references.  It’s a pretty light meal, even with the bacon included.

When the dish is combined in your plating dishes (remember to buy white dishes so as not to draw attention away from the food), you’ve got green, white, brown, and a creamy yellow color.  It’s great for the eyes and the tummy!

If carbonara featured sun dried tomatoes, you would almost have the colors of the Italian flag.  Suddenly wondering if there’s an opportunity to find great dishes that feature colors you’d find in the flag of the country where that meal came from.  (filing that thought away for a future blog post)

Please go read Danielle’s post, and do your best to make at least one great home cooked meal per week.  You and your loved ones are worth the extra couple of minutes it takes to Plate Great, so do it!



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