How about some Stir Fry?

Hi folks.

Welcome to 2014!  Been on vacation visiting the family and wound up under the weather for a good chunk of the holidays as a bonus.  For me, it made a good deal of sense to not publish lousy posts in the interim.  That’s all past now, so let’s get back to some killer plating.

In my experience, plating stir fry is VERY “guy friendly” because it’s one of the types of meals that you can really put on a variety of plates, and still have it really POP on the dinner table.

The GF and I took a stab at making a simple chicken & vegetable stir fry with a lemon sauce, and we plated it on our basic white plates, as you see below.  We have both an individual serving (which we served on salad plates for some reason), and the larger family-style dish.

Stir Fry (Single)Stir Fry (family)

They were quite delicious and I won’t bore you with the intricacies of the recipe here.  Oh, BTW, the sauce on the plate…store bought (GASP!).  I know, you’re shocked.  🙂

I like the plating because it only used a biscuit cutter to make the rice look cool.  I thought the GF did a better job with her plating than I did, so no pic of my dish this time.  Hey, when the GF is right, she’s WAY right!

Up next are samples of plating a similar dish (chicken & veggie stir fry).  The different colors of the vegetables means that you can really put this dish on almost any color and shape of plate, and it will match up and not look odd.

And guys, I’m talking to YOU here!  Some of you, if you were anything like me, inherited a mashup of different kinds of plates once you got out of college.  Some stuff you may have picked up when you got “into” Asian stuff (be it furniture, plates, wall hangings, etc.).  Or, maybe your sister got married, her friends gave her higher-end plates from a somewhat fancy schmancy store like Sur la Table or Pottery Barn, and you wound up with her leftovers.

It’s cool!  With a basic stir fry recipe (and yeah, you can buy a stir-fry-in-a-bag thing from the grocery store’s frozen food section), and almost any kind of plate, you’re going to look fantastic.  So here are a few examples of plating this dish on different plates.  Some of the stir fry images are Thai, Chinese, and I think there’s a pic of a chain in here.

5f5b47b5-2629-4d04-bc01-3554aea1d73d orange chicken chinease resturant food with stir fry vegetables and brown rice with words picqngYu8 stir-fry-3

My apologies to the “orange chicken” image owner.  I think that one belongs to a chain, but I’m having trouble finding the link again to give proper credit. If anyone can find that pic and give me a link, I’ll happily insert it here to give proper credit.

But do you see what I mean about the different KINDS of plates here?  Some are squared, some are curved, and another is rectangular. The very cool thing is that because of the wide color variety in the dish itself, it is very easy to put it on different plates, and since many bachelor’s are in the shoes I wore in my 20’s & early 30’s…guys, trust me: THIS type of dish will pop, no matter what plate you put it on.

So bring your gorgeous date over for a home cooked meal, even if it started in a bag. You’re going to look like a BOSS when you plate it up.

By the way, I totally recommend using a biscuit cutter or a bowl to portion and then serve the rice (inverted) on your plate if you’re not going to use the rice as a ‘bed’ for the stir fry!

Thanks for not going away on me and please help spread the word for this blog so we can grow it together in 2014!



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