Empanadas (Sweet AND savory)

Hi everyone.

So a little background.  Growing up as a Mexican/American in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, I grew up enjoying empanadas.  The interesting thing about this little factoid is that I grew up enjoying SWEET ones only; usually pumpkin and sometimes pineapple.  It never occurred to me that you could make savory ones until I got to college.  I know, I’m occasionally slow.

Anyhow, today we’ve got some vegetarian empanadas (asparagus/fava bean) right at the top.  These come to us courtesy from Laylita.com (http://laylita.com/recipes/2013/06/02/asparagus-empanadas-with-fava-beans-peas-and-goat-cheese/).


The 1/2 moon shape of these delicious treats looks fantastic on a plate.  These look to have a pie-crimp style of sealing the empanadas.  So if you’ve baked pies before, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting these to ‘pop’ on your plate.

You’ll notice that most of the plates I’ve shown thus far are white, and basic shapes.  This plate fits the food perfectly.  It’s a highly patterned plate which compliments the fine crimping work done on the empanadas.  Again, it’s not fancy for the sake of being fancy, but it IS done well!

So on top of your normal plates you use daily for your kick-butt plating, keep a set of fancier plates for special occasions and holidays, so when you go all out on making the food look/taste amazing, you’ll have plates that have just a bit of flourish to compliment what you’re cooking.

Up next, we’ve got a recipe for baked chicken, bean, and cheese empanadas.  These look a little less

adorned along the edge where they were sealed; yours truly likes to use the fork to get a good crimp/seal on my own empanadas.


This is another case where the plate isn’t a solid color.  But again, please note the plate isn’t so ‘busy’ that it detracts from your food that you spent a good amount of time cooking.  Before I forget, here’s the link to the $10 Buck Dinners site – http://www.10buckdinners.com/baked-chicken-bean-and-cheese-empanadas/ where you will find this great (and inexpensive) meal.  A touch of salad, and the nicely browned empanadas give your plate plenty of color for eye appeal.

This next one was my favorite for the day.  It’s a baked beef empanada brought to you from the good people over at The Little Ferraro Kitchen (http://littleferrarokitchen.com/2013/12/baked-beef-empanadas-2-dips/).


As much as I liked the first plate for serving this dish ‘family style,’ I like this presentation better.  While I’m not 100% certain empanadas are seen only as ‘peasant food,’ I know they are definitely a delicious and rustic meal in most cases.  So the simple cutting board plating method is a cool way to add a little relaxed, old-world style to your meal.  And hey…who doesn’t have a cutting board lying around?

We’ll get back to using a nifty presentation tool for food in the next couple of days.  For your Friday, simple, delicious, and self-contained food for you to enjoy.

Be sure to try these recipes for yourself and let me know how it goes.  Have a great weekend, everyone!



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