Dessert garnish ideas: Beautiful AND Easy!

Okay, these ideas are SO good, I’m not even including food pics in most cases today.  What we DO have are pics of simple techniques to garnish your dessert plate look crazy-good, with a minimum of effort.

As always, not fancy for fancy sake.  But if you happen to have something around that’ll take all of 5 seconds to add a little splash to your plate, you win!

Up first is a pic from the good peeps at “More Style than Cash.”  Don’t worry, as usual, I’ll include the link in a sec.  What they did is basically cut up a piece of construction paper, laid it across the plate, and dusted cocoa/chocolate powder on the plate.  Probably took all of 10 seconds to get the scissors, cut the paper, another 10 seconds to lay it across the plate and sprinkle on the cocoa.  What could be easier?


You can find the original photo, and other great ideas on this link:

Next is a variation on this idea, special for the kids.  This pic is from “Mealtime Success” and does the same basic trick with either pre-baked cookies laid on a plate, or possibly  the exact same technique of a hand-cut piece of paper.  When its this easy, why WOULDN’T you make your plate pop?


The power couple running this site (Sri & Anu) have several easy ideas for how to make the plate fun and interesting for kids and adults, too.  Be sure to check out their site for great garnish ideas!:

In earlier posts, I used techniques similar to what you see here on Emily Tatak’s web site (


This doily idea for improving the plate surprised me.  It’s a slightly more involved version of what you saw in the earlier pics, but WOW does it make the plate look great!  I’m keeping this idea for a dessert down the road, but I’ll wait to tell you what I’m using it on.

You’ll recognize a couple of techniques she demonstrates on her page from some of my earlier blog posts.  Great ideas are hard to keep down, and all you need is a few extra seconds to make a meal visually appealing!

Okay, today’s post sends you to some great sites, so be sure and stock up on dessert ideas for future use!  We’ll get back to main dishes in another day or so.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



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