One fine piece of fish (Salmon)

Hi Gang!


Ordinarily, I’m not the biggest fan of taking an image of a meal plated by a chain restaurant, because typically the photo shoot is highly produced, and may give a false sense of the speed of plating once a meal is completely cooked.  Having said that, I’m going to make an exception here, because this is just ridiculous!




That is plating perfection.  You basically take the cooking implement (cedar plank) and place it on the plate itself.  Totally simple.  Throw in some grilled vegetables and you’re totally set.  I believe this would probably qualify as Paleo as well, but for the tasty stuff riding on the salmon.  The recipe shows it to be lump crab cake, so I’m guessing there will be something in there that’s non-Paleo.

Just fine for our purposes.  Making the comment about the diet since I have many friends/readers who are into this lifestyle.

The pic itself comes directly from the He-Geek/She-Geek blog found at:

They apparently went to Carraba’s Italian Grill for that meal, so I’m going to credit that chain as the origin of the photo, although I’m referencing He-Geek/She-Geek as the spot where I found it. 

I’m also going to look for something similar as far as barbecue goes.  Remember, I’m a Texan, so that will mean beef, and not pork.  Barbecue is about the cow, and not the pig, to Texans.  Be nice!  They’re both delicious critters, and will get credit over the life of this blog.  🙂

Now get out there and have yourself a great Monday!





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