NO WAIT….that’s too much!

Hi everyone.


Back again.  I finished up my ‘bucket list’ item from about 10 days ago, and have mostly recovered from the experience.  The event was a 4-day beat-a-thin where I attempted to earn my Krav Maga Black Belt.  For those unfamiliar with the fighting system, it’s tough as nails, seen by most as the system most effective for street fights, and is exceptionally hard for one to earn the rank of Black Belt.  The test was 30+ hours of a barely controlled street fight over 4 days, featuring a variety of weapons (baseball bats, handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, etc.).  That’s where I’ve been; in the land of overindulgence.

That’s why I thought today’s post might be a good way to talk a bit about portions.   We’re going to use soup for that.  The dish is a homemade recreation (by my GF) of that Italian chain restaurant’s famous pasta e fagioli soup.  This one featured turkey instead of beef, and was made to be a tad lighter.  Otherwise, you pretty much can find a good recipe online.

I plated it two ways, and you’ll note based on the asymmetry of the placemats on the table, it was done quickly.  It’s served with a mixed green salad, some breadsticks, and an Arnold Palmer beverage.  This is one of my favorite dishes that my GF makes, and I was exceedingly hungry, which is why I rushed the presentation on the table!  🙂

Here’s the first plating, and is a smaller portion, for the times where you’re going to serve the soup as a straight appetizer.



The soup is served in a nifty square bowl (I think I got them at Macy’s), and just by putting it on a diagonal on another plate, you have some interesting things happening to make the dish look a little fancier.  It’s an easy way to add something else to the food itself.  Not much garnish was necessary.  I just added a touch of shredded romano cheese for a little savory flavor to cap off the soup.

Now, if you’re planning on soup being ‘the meal,’ you’ll want to plate up a bit more.  I reached for my GF’s main soup bowls which are beautiful, simple, and elegant.  You could also do the same thing, and add a plate underneath the one holding the food.  When mixing geometric shapes, you’ll have to play it by instinct.  Some people don’t like mixing shapes.  You do whatever you want!  It’s your food, and your home!  If it feels right, plate it up!


Same setup with the salad, breadsticks, and Arnold Palmer.  But its definitely a bigger plate.  That’s the cool thing about having slightly different plates available to you.  You don’t need to buy everything at once, either.  I learned a good tip from another blogger.  If you want to show off your food, or plating skills, buy a pair of whatever dishes you want, and really use them on your table, or in your photos for a few months. Then if you like how they work for you, splurge and complete a full set for 4-8 adults, as you desire.

Now get out there, do some good cooking, and make it some soup this week.  It’s getting cold again out there for most of us in the US.  Soup is an excellent way to keep everyone warm and comfortable!





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