Keep it simple, and your sweetie will love you

This can be the toughest of holidays to get right, from a culinary standpoint.  I’m here to tell you that if you keep it simple, you’ll look like you’re the cat’s meow.  Today, we’ll share one dessert that’s appropriate for this weekend’s holiday, and start out first with what I mean by keeping it simple.

Plating 101 right here:  If there’s a color that goes with the meal, be sure it makes an appearance, but won’t detract from the food.  What do I mean by that?  Well, there’s red on this plate, but I promise, it won’t distract from the food!


Those romantics at “Entertaining Thoughts” bring us this basic plating to start off your meal just right.

You can leave off the bauble and the ribbon around the silverware if you like.  I certainly don’t keep stuff like that around.  But if you have any remaining ribbon from wrapping your Christmas presents a few weeks ago, here’s a place where that bright red can come back and make a killer appearance.  Throw in a nice red napkin, and you’ve got some pizazz on your plate.

Let’s actually look at a romantic dessert plated up nicely. 


Individual chocolate brownies with some ice cream on the top with a cherry garnish.  Simplicity itself.  The beautiful Lindsay Ann over at the Dollhouse Bake Shoppe brings us this indulgent beauty:

Can’t think of too many ways to improve upon this dessert.  If you can make 2 quenelle quickly enough, you might try that instead of just a scoop of ice cream.  But you can’t argue much with her approach. You’ll notice she doesn’t dust the plate with any cocoa.  In this case, that’s a good thing.  Less is more in this case!

You could also leave the brownie in the ramekin it was cooked in.  That might give you an opportunity to stabilize the quenelle in the plate so it doesn’t slide off. 

Go tinker with dessert tonight so your final plate looks amazing this weekend!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!





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