Color as an element of plating

I’ll admit it. I’m still troubled by not being able to seriously plate something more than a couple of ingredients in height. Keep trying, but not yet succeeding. There was a slightly different plan for this plating, and I tried to replicate something I saw in a restaurant in Malibu recently. That dish was seared ahi tuna on a bed of green beans, surrounded by a ‘moat’ of mashed potatoes.

That WAS the plan, but it didn’t work out quite the way it was intended. The GOOD news about the failure, is it provided an excellent opportunity to showcase how color contrast on a plate can lead to an eye-catching meal for you and your guests.

Tonight, we have a meal the GF & I cooked a couple of weekends ago. (Yes, the vertical plating thing has been bugging me a while) The meal was a turkey, feta cheese, and sun-dried tomato meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes and a ginger/orange marmalade on the green beans.


The meal was as good as it looks. Wasn’t completely sure whether to add the gravy to the plate, for fear of covering up the beautiful colors featured in the meal. We have creamy white (cheese), red (tomatoes), green (beans), and orange (sweet potatoes) featured on the plate. It’s a great combination of color, and the palette really excites the palate. 

The fanciest tools can certainly make the plate ‘pop,’ as I often elude to with my use of molds, swirls, and such. But sometimes, it can be equally effective just to let the food speak plainly for itself. Seemed like a good idea to do just that since “PLan A” didn’t work out. “Plan B” sure did, though! Don’t worry, I’ll keep trying the vertical plating. Thinking the GF and I will try another tasty dessert next.

Get in your kitchen at least one night this busy week, and take the extra 30 seconds to plan how the food will look on your plate. Everyone enjoying your delicious food will thank you for it!




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