Why Plate Great?

Why should you read THIS blog?  Well, I can’t seem to find any specifically dedicated to the beauty of the plate, deconstructing how a plate was assembled for the dinner table, and showing you how to improve your skill in plating without taking a ton of cooking classes.  So I decided to make my own.

We’ll be doing a few things with you in mind:

1) Showing you regular examples of good plates:  Walking you through some basic descriptions of plating philosophy, and any specific (read: unusual tools) needed to plate the meal.

2) Showing you regular examples of bad plates:  We’ll do the same for you here.  Bad plates typically break one of three rules – too many things on the same plate, everything jumbled together, or food that doesn’t ‘flow’ on the plate.

3) We’ll have some “do it yourself” meals we’ll share, complete with recipes, and instructions for how to plate the meal in order to impress.  These will be recipes cooked by the two of us and plated using a series of “rules” that we’ll explain as time goes on.  It’ll be something of a cooking game that we hope you’ll enjoy.

4) Share a philosophy on plating that you can use to make your own meals really ‘pop’ for your loved ones and guests in your home.

5) Feature interviews with working chefs and one or two celebrity chefs talking through their experiences with plating, their philosophies on plating, and maybe get one of them to talk a little bit about what makes a plate really ‘work’ in their restaurants.


Stick around!  We promise it’ll be fun!



(Charmaine & Mario)


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